Random Stuff


My Chinese name is 朱兆成. In Chinese convention, we write family names before given names, so it reads as Zhu Zhao-Cheng. The first symbol is vermilion, a kind of red color. The second means million, and the last corresponds to cheers.

My name is pronounced as follows.

  • Zh is close to a mix of “z” and “j” in English.
  • u is like “zoo”.
  • ao is like “cow”.
  • Ch and eng are just same as they appear in English.

In English, people tend to put stress on the second syllable “Cheng”. In Chinese, most two-symbol given names are stressed on the first symbol, and so is my name. You can use either convention as you like.


Personally I regard my skills as the right figure, being excellent in photography and programming, reasonable in creativity and diligence. I learned quite some math, but it is still not easy for me to manipulate it like programming. Maybe I should be an artist rather than a programmer?


I have a wide range of interests in both subject or non-subject areas, although some of them are getting away from me since I do not have enough time these days. I am happy to discuss and share my interests, especially if you are also interested in any of the following

  • Photography, lighting, retouching and make up
  • Programming languages and deep learning frameworks
  • Piano, pop music and background music
  • Modular origami and modern origami
  • Cooking (mostly Chinese cusine)